'Emily Bedford is a true artist in the beauty and imagination of her work. At the same time, she is efficient and, above all, courteous, as a businesswoman'
Toby Miller

'I am a big fan. My favourite pieces though are the butterfly studs which I have worn daily for years and they still look great. I have also bought them as gifts for friends and family all of whom adore them. I think it might be time to purchase a new piece.'
Anna L.

'Emily was fantastic about making me exactly the earrings I wanted and I wear them a great deal. In fact I now have three pairs of her earrings and love them all, for their originality and their quality.'
Mandy L.

'Emily Bedford is without doubt my favourite jeweller as I love the sense of artistry in her work. I feel lucky enough to own five or six pieces of her work. Emily worked at short notice within a short time frame to provide me with the gold enamelled hand made Gaia earrings which I proudly wore on my wedding day! Prior to that my husband, knowing how much I loved her work, contacted her and together they devised the perfect engagement ring for him to propose to me with and I have worn it everyday since. During and moment of distraction, however, I managed to get the ring trapped and misshapen in a door. Emily reshaped it perfectly. I am very happy customer.'
Vanessa M.

'I had lost a pretty turquoise and coral earring and having seen Emily.s work at an exhibition e-mailed to ask if she could make me new ones. I had never before commissioned earrings so this was very exciting for me. I told Emily that apart from the colour of the stones l was happy for her to suggest a design. I had sent her the remaining earring. Emily sent me an idea online. I liked the design which was much less static than my originals .Emily consulted me on design, of estimated price according to what l chose and gave me a time scale for completion. I was delighted with my swingy earrings and found the whole process easy. I also thought the price was very reasonable for the time and craftsmanship so l can recommend her.'
Pauline H.

'I've bought both 'off the peg' and specially commissioned pieces from Emily Bedford Jewellery and have always been really pleased with the service and product. The commissioned piece was a ring for my daughter's 18th birthday, and Emily was able to make suggestions based on my rather vague brief, and create something which was a beautiful one-off and just right.'
Tammy P

'I commissioned two pieces of work from Emily and she was a joy to work with. She executed the design brief perfectly and produced stunning jewellery which I am proud to wear at any occasion.' Lady Gill