About Emily Bedford

Following many years of dance training, selling hand made jewellery became a means of extra funding and soon Emily Bedford Jewellery became a small business. I enjoy the moments of solitude whilst at the bench which contrasts with the more social side of the job when products are brought to the market and when the jewellery is connected to the customer.

Inspiration comes from thoughts and feelings and express personality rather than an external subject matter.

A lifelong passion for dance does influence Emily to work instinctively and enjoy the process to be a movement in metal. Spontaneaous model making allows movement, expression and fluidity and sketching firms up an idea. Traditional techniques and innovative technology are used together.

I prefer style to fashion and the jewellers I admire tend to be those who express a tone or feeling aswell as skill. 

I am passionate about the jewellery industry especially London's famous jewellery quarter Hatton Garden, where all Emily Bedford Jewellery pieces are designed and made. I will never master every technique and each day I sit at the bench I am striving to learn more.